How Digital Advertising & Marketing Disrupted Print / TV & Set to Overtake Offline Budgets ?

Digital Marketing Advertising Distupting Older ModelsAs the Internet goes mainstream and customers spend more and more time online, marketing dollars continue to migrate to digital channels. This trend is not new and from the earliest days of the commercial Internet, unsophisticated banner ads and then search advertising gained traction and turned into large markets. Over time, Internet Advertising began to cannibalize offline marketing spend in areas such as print, radio, TV and other mediums, although offline marketing continues to dominate the marketing budget and digital channels make up well less than 50% of marketing and advertising spend.

As we look forward, we see a landscape that will ultimately drive digital marketing to be the primary channel, indeed in some countries in Europe and Asia, this is already the case where various

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Google’s Internet Advertising Model Under Pressure ?

Google Ads Reach the PeakGoogle the Search giant was the first company to meaningfully monetize the Advertising model across the spectrum of the Web from Large to the Smallest Publishing Networks. As other forms of web have emerged like Mobile Apps, Facebook, Twitter, etc the Ad Dollars are increasingly shifting to places where there is consumer engagement model.

In the latest quarterly results of Google, the number of aggregate paid clicks, or the total number of times a user clicks on an ad, increased 26% on a yoy basis in 1Q14. This compares with 31% yoy growth in 4Q13 and 20% yoy growth in the year ago period. On a sequential basis, paid clicks declined 1% which is below an average increase of 5% qoq over the prior three March quarters. CPCs declined 9% yoy during the period and were flat qoq (FX had a minimal impact on CPC growth). As management has stated previously, CPCs (and overall click trends for that matter) are affected

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Japanese Mobile / Internet Stocks Rise 75% YoY on Better Profits

Japanese Internet Mobile Stocks on Fire38 leading companies in the Japanese Internet (including games) and IT services sector have climbed 71% by end-September 2013. We think the rise in valuations is in large part a reflection of the higher rate of profit growth forecast for FY13.

The Order of preference among subsectors has been e-commerce > IT services > advertising > digital content (games). It is the reflection of the improving macro environment and increasingly swift uptake for smartphones and tablets. Among users of the Internet—including smartphone users—appetite for online shopping is voracious. Advances in advertising

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How Content and Advertising eco-system is evolving for MultiScreen Connected Web ?

Content-Advertising for Mobile WebThese days it is common to see when performing online activities, consumers prefer to move between devices[Browsing Web on your iPad and accessing Facebook / WhatsApp on Mobile]. In addition, increasingly, consumers apply two or more devices simultaneously, such as finding critics’ reviews or cast information on mobile phones while watching a movie. Given consumers’ multi-screen activities, cross-platform marketing strategies demonstrate favorite outcomes, especially those campaigns that are packaged with mobile ads.

Multi-Screen Mobile Advertising Strategies
Thus, we think that mobile ads could be more effective

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Will New Facebook Feeds Open Doors for Advertisers ?

Facebook presented a revamped News Feed at a press event today, offering several upgrades: 1) Richer, more visually engaging stories; 2) Content-specific feeds; 3) Platform-consistent experiences. Advertisers may benefit as more screen real estate will become available for News Feed, allowing in-stream ads to become larger and more engaging, similar to high-CPM “takeover” ads on other websites.

Making feeds more consistent and content-specific should improve the News Feed

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