MSME Sector Embrace Online Advertising – Cheap, Better RoI

Online Advertising in IndiaWe talked to businesses such as Restaurants, SMEs, job consultants, real estate builders and brokers using online advertising for feedback. Online classifieds are perceived to be cheap and most are likely to increase their online spend. It is not a case of “either-or” as many are using multiple sites.

The cost of advertising through Justdial, Google or Zomato is lower and better targeted than a newspaper or radio ad; for a real estate broker in Mumbai an annual subscription to 99acres or Magicbricks is paid back through commissions from a single rental deal. Online currently (more…)

How Content and Advertising eco-system is evolving for MultiScreen Connected Web ?

Content-Advertising for Mobile WebThese days it is common to see when performing online activities, consumers prefer to move between devices[Browsing Web on your iPad and accessing Facebook / WhatsApp on Mobile]. In addition, increasingly, consumers apply two or more devices simultaneously, such as finding critics’ reviews or cast information on mobile phones while watching a movie. Given consumers’ multi-screen activities, cross-platform marketing strategies demonstrate favorite outcomes, especially those campaigns that are packaged with mobile ads.

Multi-Screen Mobile Advertising Strategies
Thus, we think that mobile ads could be more effective (more…)

Social Advertising yet to be leveraged fully

In our view, a majority of current social ads are just “ads on social platforms” rather than “social-enabled ads”. These advertisements seem to boast no prominent differences with display ads on other online platforms (e.g. portals), which are primarily delivered on the back of user reach and visits. Currently, social-oriented platforms still do not seem to have efficiently leveraged the social / interest analytics graphs of their users, although some pioneers (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) have been actively testing new ad formats to target better. (more…)

Will New Facebook Feeds Open Doors for Advertisers ?

Facebook FeedsFacebook presented a revamped News Feed at a press event today, offering several upgrades: 1) Richer, more visually engaging stories; 2) Content-specific feeds; 3) Platform-consistent experiences. Advertisers may benefit as more screen real estate will become available for News Feed, allowing in-stream ads to become larger and more engaging, similar to high-CPM “takeover” ads on other websites.

Making feeds more consistent and content-specific should improve the News Feed (more…)