eGovernance & Digital Offices of Indian Government – Progressing Slowly

eGovernance in IndiaThe Indian Government is increasingly coming closer to its citizens and businesses. Power brokers who would work their way through the Government system are giving way to professionals who help the masses to connect with their Government through a digital system. Three big digitization programs are taking place: (1) identity of Indians, (2) interaction portals of Government agencies and (3) money transactions (cash and property). The changes are transforming the way Indians and its Government interact.

We’ll explain these initiatives beginning with 1) G2B and G2C interactions, 2) Citizens e-Records & Rights 3) e-Tax and e-Cash.

G2B and G2C – Govt to Business / Govt to Citizens
India, which has emerged as the global hub of the IT industry, has been late in leveraging IT for local governance. A virtual world where both interaction and money are digitized makes the task of making the government accountable much easier. Government services in general – is progressively being made easier as (more…)

How to use Airtel Free Zone Mobile Internet for Accessing Google, Gmail, Google+

Here is a Step By Step Illustration on How to use Airtel Free Zone Mobile Internet for Accessing Google, Gmail, Google+

Point your phone’s browser to ; click “Enter Free Zone” to access Google’s search engine, billions of Web
sites, Gmail and Google+ without paying for data as shown below.Airtel Google FreeZone (more…)

China Mobile Invites Suppliers for $4Bn 4G-LTE Network Gear

China Mobile 4G TenderAccording to a purchase announcement released on China Mobile’s website on 21 June, China Mobile had officially started its 4G-LTE base station bidding process, including 207k base stations and 550k carrier sectors. Bids must be submitted by 15 July, and results will be announced in August. We expect the bidding process will shed-light on the price for different types of base stations (upgrade vs. New and 1.9GHz vs. 2.6GHz). Given the tight schedule to finish the deployment within 2013, we also expect the majority of the deployment will be upgrades, which will mainly benefit local equipment suppliers.

The bidding amount could be as high as CNY25bn (~USD4bn), making it the largest telecom equipment bid in China this year.

A host of major telecom equipment vendors, (more…)

Peek Into Infoedge Investee Companies – Zomato, MeritNation, MyDala

Meritnation - Infoedge CompanyInfoedge has invested a total of Rs2.8 bn, in nine Internet start-ups since listing in 2007. Of these, detailed financials for two companies, namely Zomato and Meritnation. Management views these as high risk-high return investments. It believes the benefits derived from even one success story could completely outweigh the losses on others. Further, it believes these are necessary to keep attracting people with new ideas and to stay ahead of the competition.

The largest investee companies, namely Zomato and Meritnation, appear well-funded for now. Both of these are tiny compared to international comparable. They are seeing strong (more…)

Microsoft Building a Smaller Surface Tablet on Windows 8 – Will Users BUY ?

Microsoft Windows Surface Tablet 8 InchesThe lack of compelling form factors at attractive price points has been a major weakness of the Windows 8 ecosystem. However, with the upcoming release of Haswell, Intel’s next generation chip, and Windows 8.1 there is some hope that cheaper and more innovative form factors are on the way. Microsoft highlighted some of these devices earlier this month at Computex, but there was still only one “small screen” tablet announced (Acer’s Iconia W3), which shows to us that there is still a long way to go.

Nick Parker, the head of Microsoft’s OEM Confirmed at Computex that Microsoft is considering to reduce the cost of Windows 8/RT licenses for OEMs building devices smaller than 10.1 inches. The magnitude of (more…)

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