How Big is the market for Online Social Gaming ?

The Market of Scoial GamingSocial games are online games played through social networks, like Facebook, or on mobile phone applications (Apps). Social games are distinct from other video games and are more suited to casual game experiences. The design of the games encourages players to return frequently through various rewards and multi-player features. Revenue is driven by a small percentage of players paying for virtual currency that can be used for various game advantages such as additional game time or new levels.

What makes social casino games different from other forms of gambling in the eyes of regulators is that players never actually receive a payout for any game played. This critical difference allows social games to fall outside current interactive gaming regulation. Less regulation allows (more…)

SK Telecom Battles KT on 4G-LTE Services for “The Best” in the World

SK Telecom Battles for KT on 4G-LTE Services SK Telecom The most Advanced LTE Broadband Service Provider in the World Spoke to us and here is an excerpt from the interaction directly with the management of the SK Telecom.

What are your capex spending plans for Broadband LTE?
We have already been investing in the 1.8GHz bandwidth since 2012. So we will try to meet our annual capex guidance announced at the beginning of the year. However, since we have acquired this very competitive bandwidth, there may be
some need to pre-emptively invest in this bandwidth. (more…)

Badiu’s Mobile Monetization Strategy Begins to Pay Off – Challenges Remain

Baidu Mobile MonetizationChinese Internet Giant, Baidu is ramping up mobile monetization through mobile paid search, contextual ads, and mobile VAS (mostly games).

Baidu Mobile traffic + landing page optimization drive ads adoptions
Baidu’s mobile search volumes account for ~1/3 of Baidu’s organic search traffic, or 500 mn mobile search queries per day. Increasing mobile traffic would incentivize Baidu’s search customers to allocate more of their ads budgets to mobile vs. PC.

However, a key challenge for PC-based websites is to display web content on mobile devices, with the lack of mobile landing pages resulting in a suboptimal user experience, fewer mobile browsing activities, and fewer page views. Thus, online advertisers have (more…)

New Telecom Policy – M&A in India to be Liberal ?

M&A in Indian Telecom SpaceAs per the reported proposed norms, the merged entity would be allowed to have market share (in terms of subscriber base & adjusted gross revenues [AGR]) of up to 50% in a particular circle (up from current guidelines of 35%). The new entity could own up to 25% of the total spectrum allocated in a particular telecom circle and up to 50% of spectrum allocated in a specific band (and 10 MHz in 800 MHz band).

According to the report, the DoT also proposes to allow the merged entity to own two blocks of 3G and/or BWA spectrum (vs one currently) in a specific circle. However, the acquiring company would need to pay market-determined price (to the govt) for GSM (more…)

OTT Apps Lead to Massive Decline in SMS Usage

number of smsOver-the-Top (OTT) services are web-based (potentially cheaper) ways of communicating that bypass traditional voice & SMS services. TRAI data shows that SMS has already started to feel the impact from online messaging apps such as WhatsApp, and SMS’ contribution to industry rev has already declined (3%; Jun13). The expected further reduction, however, should be more than offset by data pickup (~10% of rev for Bharti/Idea), while voice revenue should remain relatively immune.

TRAI data highlights that SMS as % of rev (GSM) (more…)

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