Bharti Airtel Bids for Videocon’s 4G LTE 1800 Band Spectrum

Airtel 4G LTE Spectrum Bid on VideoconSunil Mittal led Bharti Airtel announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire right to use 2X5 MHz spectrum in the 1800 MHz 4G LTE band from Videocon. This deal, if concluded, will mark Videocon’s exit from the telecom market. This deal happened amidst the cancellation of earlier sale of Videocon’s spectrum to Idea Cellular. The acquired spectrum in all six circles (valid until December 18, 2032) is contiguous in nature and can be used to offer LTE data services. The acquisition will further strengthen Airtel’s 4G LTE footprint, with LTE (both FDD and TDD) spectrum covering 93% of its overall revenue or 19 out of a total 22 circles.

Airtel will acquire Videocon’s spectrum (2X5 MHz in the 1800 MHz band) in six circles namely Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh,

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Who will Buy RCom – MTS Sistema’s 800Mhz LTE Spectrum ?

800MHz LTE SpectrumReliance Communication’s 850 Mhz spectrum can allow 4G LTE entrants to have 10MHz in the attractive 850 spectrum band, allowing them to have both capacity and coverage, which incumbents may find tough to replicate in a few markets However benefits for 4G entrants will be short term, unless they renew these radio waves as and when they are put to auction. Separately, if the pending RCOM-SSTL merger is approved, 4G new entrants can access an additional 5MHz of spectrum in 850 in eight additional markets, and this could be used for coverage.

RCOM is using the 850 spectrum band today for voice and data cards, and once the spectrum is deployed for

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Which Way will India Go 3G or 4G-LTE ?

India Mobile Data 3G 4GDespite growth takeoff, 3G penetration is merely 7-10% of the existing mobile subscriber base in India. One key deterrent to a broad based data adoption has been expensive 3G handsets. With the launch of Android One the USD 100 handset segment has seen more depth. With the availability of low-cost 3G smartphones, existing subscribers are unlikely to continue using 2G feature phones, opting instead to make the switch to 3G smartphones; in this respect, the trends over the last six months have been very encouraging. We believe the trend will now change in favour of low cost smartphones versus feature phones.

Furthermore 3G coverage is expected to improve; more so as incumbent telcos gear up to contest 4G launch by Reliance Jio. Given this first positive

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Idea – 2G Tariff Stable, 3G Expansion, 4G-LTE Not in Medium Term

Idea Cellular 4G LTE StrategyIdea’s CEO suggests that voice tariffs are still rising and likely to stay firm over the next 3-6 months. In contrast with initial concerns, Idea appears comfortable with market share trends indicated by TRAI’s latest revenue data for the industry. Traffic growth is slower than before and competition from smaller operators has intensified in certain circles but these are unlikely to disrupt Idea’s marketing strategies.

Idea does not foresee any risk of new

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SK Telecom Battles KT on 4G-LTE Services for “The Best” in the World

SK Telecom Battles for KT on 4G-LTE Services SK Telecom The most Advanced LTE Broadband Service Provider in the World Spoke to us and here is an excerpt from the interaction directly with the management of the SK Telecom.

What are your capex spending plans for Broadband LTE?
We have already been investing in the 1.8GHz bandwidth since 2012. So we will try to meet our annual capex guidance announced at the beginning of the year. However, since we have acquired this very competitive bandwidth, there may be
some need to pre-emptively invest in this bandwidth.

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Who will Benefit from the Largest Global 4G / LTE Deployment in China?

China Mobile Market - Network GearUnlike in India where Reforms are driven solely by Agenda Driven Politics with Motive of Heavy Corruption, China has created a niche market for itself. They have created a eco-system of Network Gear Manufacturers which include top brand names such as ZTE, Huawei and China Communication Services. Over the next 12 months the Big 3 Operators China Mobile, Unicom and Telcom will start 4G/LTE capex cycle which would negatively impact their near-term earnings and could drive vendors’ re-rating on faster earnings growth. Long term, LTE could save data costs of Chinese telcos and drive data usage.

Chinese telcos will increase by 7% in 2013 and 4% in 2014, driven by LTE and transmission network capex. We expect total LTE capex to almost double in 2014 and

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Broadband LTE Vs LTE-Advance Vs LTE – What is the key difference ?

LTE vs LTE-A Seminar in KoreaAt a time when their is Huge Demand for Affordable Broadband in India, the Corrupt Government along with Vested Private players is stalling the development of the 4G LTE Eco-System to favor selected couple of business houses who back the Thugs in the Government.

However, the World’s doesn’t stop innovating as we have seen Korea is now ready to serve her citizens with Broadband LTE / LTE-A after the recent spectrum Auctions.

We’ll disucss what is the Difference between Broadband LTE Vs LTE-Advance Vs LTE – Broadband LTE offers same theoretical speed as that

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Global 4G LTE Deployments & Frequency Bands

The Indian telecom authorities chose TD-LTE, a relatively newer technology and that is still been tried out globally. Globally, there have been commercial rollouts in FD-LTE by large scale operators such as Verizon and AT&T, however TD-LTE rollouts are at a
nascent stage. Hence the device ecosystem for TD-LTE services, especially on the 2.3 GHz spectrum is poor. The following Chart Shows the Global 4G LTE[TD/ FDD] Deployments by various Operators and their operating frequency bands as well.

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How Kyocera benefits from wireless LTE Revolution ?

According to Qualcomm, 4G LTE enabled mobile devices will need to support cellular radio frequency band fragmentation with 40 cellular radio bands worldwide. We think that the multi-band trend will continue or even accelerate going forward. Kyocera has top market share in ceramic packages for SAW filters and duplexers which will proportionally increase when the … Read more