E-Commerce GameChanger Marks an Inflection Point

eCommerce in IndiaeCommerce in India has disrupted and scared several Retailers as it is being chased by Technocrats & Investors from across the Globe. WE attended a conference of Consultants, investors and companies shared research on the pervasiveness of e-commerce across every industry and service in India and the conflation of telecom and technology that is enabling this change. The dizzy rate of change in the sector and the tricky business of determining e-valuation drivers are the challenges faced by Venture Capitalists. Here are some of the Views of the Top Most Guys in the Indian eCommerce Space (more…)

RCom to Leverage on Reliance Jio’s Fiber & Tower Infrastructure

RCom to Leverage on RJio NetworkReliance Communications Management has guided for capex investment of Rs15-20bn for FY15 following a capex-light model. They indicated that they will be receiving any additionally required fibre and tower assets from Reliance Jio through the reciprocal arrangement and will only invest in electronics.

The company has realigned its low-usage cell sites to achieve base station level profitability. This will have a temporary effect on the subscribers in those geographies; however, the company intends to use ICR (intra-circle roaming) arrangements to provide services in those areas. Management attributed the decline in the revenues of global operations to (more…)

Time Spend on Mobile / Tablets Increase, Apps the Catalyst

Mobile Time Spend Share IncreasingTime spent consuming digital media on mobile is gaining traction at the expense of time spent on the traditional desktop. This trend is not new, but when looking at the numbers, it is clear that this shift has been swift and unrelenting. In their 2Q earnings reports, GOOGL, FB, LNKD, YELP, GRUB, Z, EVDY and others, highlighted the robust growth of the mobile channel and the strategic importance of their respective apps.

Since August 2013, mobile has continued to gain widespread use as the platform for digital media consumption. Although mobile now accounts for 60% of time spent consuming digital media, consumers have adopted mobile as the forum for (more…)

Corporates Spending on CRM & Talent Management

CRM and Talent Management AppsCorporates Insight suggest customer (CRM) and employee-facing apps (esp HCM / talent management) remain at the forefront of application spend and we see broad based evidence of better demand. Inputs suggest financials, manufacturing and supply chain are not moving to cloud. The three largest traditional apps vendors (Oracle, SAP and Informatica) are now all paying reps neutrally for SaaS vs. perpetual license. We expect this will have the inevitable impact of driving more core apps business to SaaS.

System Integrators (SIs) and customers suggest that with customer and employee-facing apps being the focus, UI and mobility are increasing priorities, (more…)

Chinese Video Sites Collaborate with Koreans Promote Dramas

China Online Video Partners KoreaSohu yesterday announced that it has established a strategic partnership with Korean entertainment company KeyEast, and will invest approximately USD15m to take a 6.4% stake in the company. Through the partnership, Sohu will become KeyEast’s sole online partner in China and the two companies intend to introduce more Korean celebrities and entertainment programs to the Chinese audience. KeyEast was founded by famous Korean actor Bae Yongjoon, who also enjoys great popularity in China. The company signed up actor actor Kim Soo-hyun has attracted a considerable Chinese following through the hit TV drama – “My Love from the star“. The total video views of the drama on iQiyi (the first online video platform to broadcast the drama in China) had reached approximately 2.6bn as of 8 August, with (more…)

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