Largest Telecom Spectrum Auction Announced – Big Blocks in 2.0GHz+ on Sale

The Indian Department of Telecom (DoT) has put out the Notice Inviting Application (NIA) for auction of seven spectrum bands starting from 29th September 2016. The spectrum bands include 700MHz, 800MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz, 2300MHz and 2500MHz constituting a total of 2356 MHz spectrum with the largest chunk in the 700MHz band. This auction is the Largest ever Telecom Spectrum auction till date in terms of quantity, quality and price of spectrum being put on (more…)

Is Idea Cellular Challenged with 3G /4G-LTE Data Spectrum ?

Idea Spectrum forMobile DataThe just in time execution telecom specialist in India Idea Cellular owns 3G spectrum (900 or 2100 or both) in all of its top-5 circles and nine of its top-10 circles (except Karnataka, where it owns LTE spectrum). Idea owns LTE spectrum (1800 band) in four of its top-5 and six of its top-10 circles. It owns either 3G or LTE spectrum in all of its top-10 circles and owns 3G and LTE spectrum in five of the top-10 circles. Idea’s 3G spectrum footprint covers nearly 80% of its revenues, LTE footprint covers 61%, 3G or LTE footprint covers 87% and 3G and LTE footprint covers 53% of its revenues.

Having spectrum is important of course (more…)

Why Airtel / Vodafone / Idea Won’t Overbid in 2015 Mega Spectrum Auction ?

2015 900Mhz Spectrum Auction 8 operators have submitted applications to participate in the bidding for the 2015 Mega Telecom Spectrum Auction. Reliance Jio is the surprise entrant with highest earnest money deposit (EMD) thus creating the fears of aggressive bidding. Idea cellular will be the most vulnerable if Reliance focuses on winning the 900MHz band Idea doesn’t have enough fire power to bid up if the process turns aggressive as the capability is limited by the EMD paid and may have to take an alternative path to the 2100 Mhz spectrum.

Why will Airtel / Vodafone and Idea Cellular Avoid Overbidding ?

I will renew my 900 MHz renewal spectrum at any cost (more…)

Wireless Spectrum Sharing Negative for Reliance Jio

Spectrum Sharing Impact on Reliance JioTRAI has released Spectrum Sharing guidelines for Wireless Operators in India. The recommendation to not permit spectrum leasing (at this stage) should be a dampener to challengers [New Entrants like Reliance Jio Infocomm, Uninor, etc] looking to monetize their underutilized spectrum holdings.

Spectrum sharing, as recommended by the TRAI, is unlikely to help challengers meaningfully. 2G ICR arrangements anyway have been around and help the challengers share networks from a coverage standpoint. Spectrum sharing, as highlighted earlier, is a capacity enhancing measure and hence, would aid capacity-constrained incumbents at the (more…)

Idea + Vodafone Go OverBoard to Acquire 900Mhz Spectrum in Metros

idea cellularThe 1800MHz and 900Mz auctions finally concluded yesterday with incumbents stealing the show with mega spectrum wins across the country. Airtel, Idea and Vodafone that have immensely strengthened their data arsenal. While the bidding seems to be stressing the valuation for the telecom companies but we believe the auctions have clearly demonstrated the direction for further consolidation in the industry. We strongly believe that the significant acquisition (more…)

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