Why 3.5mm jack in the iPhone 7 was Removed ?

why-iphone7-jack-removedThe inbox earpods with the newly launched iPhone7 come with a lightning port and an adaptor to the 3.5mm jack. Key benefits include: 1) saving space in the phone: The 3.5mm jack is over 50 years old and doesn’t do much besides carrying an audio signal. It needs its own power amplifier and digital audio converter, which can be built into headphones, so removing the jack makes room for other things, such as a second speaker. iPhone7 has included a lightning-to-3.5mm adapter for a transition period. However, as the 3.5mm jack itself already suffers from some audio degradation and an adapter would make this worse, we think consumers may opt to purchase headphones that use (more…)

Reliance Jio LYF SmartPhones Ready to Hit Market

RJio LYF MobilesGreenfield 4G LTE Telecom Operator Reliance Jio Infocomm has been aggressively negotiating deals to create an affordable 4G LTE SmartPhone eco-system. As a 4G only operator Jio is pushing the improvement of 4G smartphone in India. Apart India’s 2 biggest handset companies (by market share) Samsung and Micromax, Jio is also working closely with almost all handset companies to not only have their own branded phones but also ensure other companies come up with their own smartphones.

The company is looking for 4G phones to be priced between Rs 5,000-25,000. Jio would need a 5 band phone which works on 900, 2100 bands along with 800, (more…)

Why LTE – Voice Fallback Crucial for Reliance Jio ?

Reliance Jio VolTEFew countries offer both TD and FDD simultaneously – US and Sweden are the two markets. LTE ecosystem is well developed across multiple bands ranging from 800/900/1800/1900/2100/2500/2600MHz. In fact, 2300MHz doesn’t appear to be a very popular band amongst the sample set of 18 countries.

LTE was launched on an average seven years after 3G launch and when data contribution to revenue averaged ~27%. Assuming Reliance Jio’s launch by end of CY15, the data contribution in India would be ~20%. While it may seem slightly early, we believe the key is the development of the right (more…)

4G LTE Progress – Reliance Jio vs Airtel

Airtel 4GIndia’s leading Integrated Telco, Airtel is doing the right thing by launching services before competition kicks in and trying to get users on its 4G network to maintain market share. However, Reliance Jio’s entry will increase the competitive intensity, putting pressure on data tariffs.

Reliance Jio Infocomm commercial launch will be around December 2015 as we had predicted, covering 80% of India’s population. Offerings will include voice, high-speed broadband, digital commerce, media and payment services. Over the last few months, Airtel has been ramping up (more…)

Will RCom Open the 2G Voice /CDMA Channel to Reliance Jio ?

Reliance JIo Infocomm - Voice and Data TestReliance Communications (RCom) has already entered into three infrastructure sharing deals with Reliance Jio Infocomm – Inter-city optic fibre for Rs12 bn on-time payment, Tower sharing for Rs120 bn over the tenure of the agreement and Intra-city optic fibre for unspecified amount.

Till the time Reliance Jio’s own network coverage is wide enough, it is possible that RJio makes use of RCom’s network for voice in areas where its LTE network is yet to reach. In our analysis, such a deal (more…)

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