Vodafone Prep-Paid Realizations Rise 9-44% Across India

Vodafone IndiaIn-line with the rest of the industry (include new entrants) Vodafone started fine tuning their pre-paid mobile plans by increasing tariffs / reducing the number of days / reduce talk-time benefits etc so that the the net realizations per minute goes up. This can be easily done by their Anayltics team looking at the tarffic patterns and the plans subscribed. Our statistics team tracking Telecom Tariffs in India has released the data on Vodafone Tariff hikes in August / September 2013. The following chart shows the hikes represented by circle name, old tariff followed by new tariff, the change and the impact

  • Andhra Pradesh local pack of Rs29, validity 28 days, first 60 sec will be charged @ Rs0.02/sec & thereafter local calls to own network @ Rs0.20/min local pack of Rs29, validity 28 days, first 120 sec will be charged @ Rs0.02/sec & thereafter local calls to own network @ Rs0.20/min New pack charges a higher rate (more…)

Idea Cellular 2G Voice Tariff Hikes in August / September

Idea STV - RechargeIdea Cellular along with the rest of the Industry hiked 2G Mobile Voice Call Tariffs in August & September considered to be a seasonally weak quarter in the Indian Wireless industry. Our Statistics Team tracking the telecom circle-wise mobile tariffs has released the following pre-paid plans which saw an increment in net revenue realization to the company – the RPM factor.

Idea Cellular Mobile 2G Voice Tariff Hikes in August / September represented by circle name, old tariff followed by new tariff, the change and the impact

  • Assam Minutes pack of Rs41 – 200 local mins (more…)

Challenges Galore for Reliance Jo Infocomm 4G LTE

Challenges for Reliance JioReliance Jio Infocomm which won the bid for 4G Spectrum in 2.3MHz will face a steep uphill challenge to push its data services. The demand for High Speed Wireless Broadband in India can be classified in three broad categories, viz. (a) dongle users [EVDO / 3G], (b) fixed wireless terminal (FWT) and (c) users of tablets, iPads and other handheld devices. The growth in each segment has its own challenges.

Reliance Jio faces the EVDO / 3G Dongle Challenge
Consumers for whom internet is a necessity, have already been captured by the EVDO (Evolution Data Optimised, a type of advanced CDMA data technology) players such as Reliance NetConnect, Tata Photon, MTS, etc and hence the market is likely to be more of a replacement market. Adding to the woes of EVDO Operators, 3G Service Providers Launched Dongle Services and are now offering Data on Dongle as cheap as Rs 65 a GB. Reliance jio would have provide tariffs at a discount to existing tariffs and subsidise the device, in order to encourage them to shift to 4G. This in turn would bring down ARPUs for the entire industry and the consumer stands to benefit.

FWT Customers
Again, tariffs would have to be at a discount to existing FWT plans, for users to have an incentive to switch from their existing internet connections to 4G services. Customers of integrated players such as Airtel / Idea have to deal with only one vendor for their voice as well as data requirements whereas exclusive 4G players such as Reliance Jio would have to build new relationships. This would create an obvious preference for integrated players.

Broadband Bundled Tablet Market Non-Existent
Wireless Broadband Bundled Tablet market such as the Apple iPads with AT&T in the United States is non-existent in India. The challenge for 4G players is lower in the tablet/iPad market as customers are yet to adopt these services. Assuming prices for tablets and tariffs for data are competitive between 3G and 4G, we believe customers are likely to prefer 4G over 3G, given the latest technology offers faster download speeds. Reliance Jio would have to develop a whole new big Market to cater to this segment.

For Reliance Jio, breaking the above three barriers will involve keeping tariffs low for mass market penetration thus reducing the return on investments.

4G LTE Full deployment Vs Hot-zone deployment – Aircel, Tikona

4G LTE Deployments in IndiaSo Far Airtel is the only operator which has launched 4G-LTE Data Services in India. Tikona and Aircel are in a dilemma on what approach they want to take for their 4G LTE Deployments. Here are the two options before the operator – either full deployment or hot-zone deployment. Full deployment means availability of 4G network over the entire city/town whereas hot zone deployment could be done by providing a 4G network in key zones of a city. Operators would have to choose the trade off between higher capex and shorter reach, based on (more…)

Sony Pushing Xperia Z1 Smartphone Through Operators

Sony Experia Z1Sony Mobile (SOMC) president and CEO Kunimasa Suzuki made a strong appeal for the Z1 as a flagship model that crystallizes Sony’s collective strengths.

Sony is already negotiating handset agreements for the Z1 with nearly all of the world’s major cellular carriers (including in China and the US). Market share is already at or near 10% in most countries/regions other than North America and China (including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other advanced Asian markets along with major countries in western Europe). Sony expects (more…)

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