How Aircel Hiked Tariffs in Jan/Feb 2014 ?

In accordance with incumbents, challenger operator, Aircel also hiked tariffs in Jan / Feb 2014 selectively in some circles not as widely as Airtel or Vodafone did. Here is the excerpt from our Database on how Aircel hiked its tariffs in 9 circles, (more…)

Reliance Jio Acquisition of Videocon + Merger with Tata DoCoMo, Aircel – A Case Study

Reliance jio Acquisition and MergersConsolidation in the Indian Telecom industry is inevitable with weaker players such as Tata DoCoMo / Indicom looking to exit as its already negative networth worsens by the day. The current M&A Rules of the Government indicate 50% combined market share and 25% total spectrum cap (50% in a given band). Market share is based on both subscriber base (VLR-based) and adjusted gross revenues (AGR). We analyze on this front as bottomline of all the Challenger has been bleeding in red for quite few years now.

We have already enlightened that Reliance Jio Infocomm bid in circles where Videocon’s 1800Mhz Spectrum was (more…)

How Vodafone Hiked Voice Tariffs in Jan/Feb 2014 ?

Breaing NewsVoice continues to be the major Revenue Engine for Telecommunications Companies in India. Telcos move tariffs in India on a circle-by-circle strategy using Big Data Analytics to improve their ARPU realizations. Excerpts from our Database are as under on how Vodafone India moved its Voice Tariffs in the first 2 months of 2014. (more…)

Why 3G mobile Data is Lagging SmartPhone Adoption in India ?

3G in India vs SmartPhone AdoptionMobile phones have increasingly become more than a communication device – 40% of the respondents in a survey across urban/ semi-urban and rural areas claim that it is currently their primary means of entertainment. While people are upgrading their phones to smartphones and increasingly using their phones to watch videos, listen to music or take photos, having a smartphone does not equate to having a mobile data plan yet. People quite frequently buy pirated content (videos/ music) from local retailers; which is then shared among friends. Moreover, the rise in the number of people that have smartphones, but no data subscription is leading to the growth (more…)

Reliance Jio likely to create 2 Business Units – 4G LTE Monetization

Reliance Jio Infocomm LogoAccording to Analysys Mason, Reliance Jio Infocomm is expected to setup two separate business lines – one for traditional mobile business (competing with incumbent operators) and the other targeting homes (broadband and content distribution platform – competing with broadband players and distribution plays such as Cable and DTH).

Globally, LTE has been monetized either through Selling more data as LTE has higher throughput than other technologies Creating new revenue streams, which involves selling content/ applications (i.e. games, movies on demand, mobile TV etc). A hybrid model is increasingly being employed by telcos for monetizing their 4G networks. Since Reliance Jio is yet to launch 4G services, they are likely to adopt hybrid LTE Model going forward. (more…)

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