Leading Lenders in China Internet Finance – Part 2

China Internet LendersThe China Internet Finance market (Part -1) has taken off in a big way due to favorable Government Policies to push the country ahead of the United States. We continue our coverage on the same.

Paipaidaiwas founded in June 2007 as one of the earliest P2P financial service companies in China. It operates under online processes and focuses on P2P small amount loan business. Paipaidai has a total of 2,000 employees nationwide. 50% of them belong to the manual service team. High quality service helps reduce the negative effect generating from non-standardised products and contribute to the final customer conversions. Besides, the users are mainly blue collars from tier-three or tier-four cities, who have limited understanding about financial products. The platform is able to conduct identity authentication after customers have explicit demand of loans. Under this process, users will find it smooth and simplified before making a final decision.

JIMU is a leading domestic financial technology company launched in August 2013. It focuses on middle-class user group, providing comprehensive (more…)

Reliance Jio Lyf Mobiles Unable to Shake the Market

Jio LyfReliance Jio Infocomm is yet to commercially launch service after 6 years of acquiring 2300Mhz spectrum in June 2010. As the company is now looking to integrate Reliance Communications’ 850Mhz spectrum as a part of its network offering, we expect commercial launch to take approximately 6 more months.

In the interim, JIO has launched a wide range of LTE devices under its LYF brand name starting at a price band of INR3,999-5,499 for LYF Flame. In the mid-range RJIO has Wind phones which is in price band of (more…)

Who are the Leaders in Chinese Internet Finance – Part 1 ?

China Internet Finance - ReviewWe’d like to enlighten Entrepreneurs in India about the traction in the Chinese Internet Finance market and weigh their business strategies as many have achieved over 300% YoY growth in the latest quarter/month. This is as a result of (1) rising demand from younger generation of consumers, who are more receptive to purchasing with credit, (2) better designed product catering to specific usage scenario, and (3) improved system robustness, data integration and internal operation process to serve the volume pick up.

WeBank, founded in late 2014, is the first private internet bank in China. Company faces challenges from consumers. Tencent owns a 30% stake in WeBank. Weilidai Micro Loan – product was specially designed to optimise customer experience with an effective risk control system, based on multidimensional user (more…)

Citrus – Payment Processing Platform With Difference

Citrus Payment ProcessingCitrus is building a 360-degree digital financial experience across transport (air, taxis, etc.), essential payments (utilities, taxes, insurance, etc.), discretionary payments (shopping, entertainment, etc.) and eventually to consumer credit and social transactions.

Payments have two components: merchants and consumers and the idea of Citrus is to own the transaction between the two of them. Citrus offers a complete payments stack: payment process, business layer and checkout.

Citrus now processes 0.5 mn transactions a day amounting to Rs10 bn in sales a month. FY2016 volume processed was US$1.6 bn. This makes them the second biggest company (more…)

YouTube Revenues to Touch $10Bn in 2016

YouTube Revenues Cross 10BnAs Per Cisco, Internet video views doubled from 2015 to 2016, and video will account for 80% of all mobile Internet traffic by 2019. Google indicated growth in watch time on YouTube has accelerated and is up at least 50% year over year for three straight years. We believe video advertising will follow usage, and global online video advertising spending is expected to increase $19bn from 2015 to 2018 (per Magna Global) to reach $35bn, creating a big opportunity for video content platforms (FB, Snapchat, etc).

Google does not disclose revenues, but indicated in 2015 that partner revenue was up 50% over last 3 years. Based on Online video ad market growth (more…)

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