MakeMyTrip – Business Verticals Review and Outlook

MakeMyTrip Business Verticals MakeMyTrip (MMT) offers a comprehensive suite of travel and travel-related services and products. The company’s two primary lines of business are air ticketing and hotels & packages. Additionally, it provides rail and bus tickets, car hire, and ancillary travel services, e.g. travel insurance and visa processing.

Air Ticketing Business
The air ticketing business is primarily targeted at domestic travel within India and international travel to/from India. Over FY10-F13, MMT’s domestic air travel transactions have increased at 29% CAGR to 3.4m, whereas international travel transactions have risen at a 39% CAGR to 0.35m. MMT has real-time access to inventory of all major (full-service and LCC) domestic airlines (more…)

Broadband Development Under NaMo – DoT Secretary

Mr M. F. Farooqui, Secretary, Department of Telecom met Analysts and was very optimistic in his views about the Telecom sector messed up by Sonia Gandhi led Congress Government in the last 10 years. Policy making, as well as implementation, is likely to be quicker under the new government, and decisions can be expected to be loud and clear, as per Mr Farooqui.

Broadband Bonanza likely to happen as Mr. Farooqui pointed out, (more…)

Google Play Store – Billion Dollar Business

Google Play Billion Dollar BusinessGoogle Play traction is finally becoming material for Google’s financials, driven by: 1) growth in the Android smartphone and tablet installed base, 2) improving Google Play app availability, discovery and monetization, 3) a growing media content library (and more content likely in the future), and 4) improving payments and technology infrastructure. While Android adoption has not contributed much to revenues so far, we expect Google Play gross sales to more than double in 2014 to $9bn, and Google Play to (more…)

Connected Cars Powered by 4G a Reality with GM

Connected Cars with 4G LTE RealityGeneral Motors(GM) announced pricing options for the new OnStar 4G LTE service. The service, which rolls out next month, first provides users with a three month or three gigabyte trial period, whichever comes first. Pricing for most data packages are comparable with AT&T’s 4G LTE services, with a 3GB monthly plan costing $30 and a 200MB plan costing $10 (enough for ~13hrs of internet usage). Current OnStar advisory services subscribers will receive a $5 monthly discount on plans less than 1GB.

Why Connected Cars ?
We are heading into an era of Inevitable (more…)

List of All the IaaS from Amazon Web Services(AWS) Cloud Computing

List of All Amazon Web Service Cloud OfferingsAmazon has pioneered Cloud computing by bringing infrastructure-as-a-service on a global scale to emerging start-ups, corporate enterprises and the public sector. Historically, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provided application developers with access to an innovative IT infrastructure platform on an as needed (or for rent) basis. Amazon’s offerings have expanded in both the infrastructure-as-a-service (Amazon Cloud Compute or EC2) and platform-as-a-service (more value-added applications/features) categories.

For a new project that we’ve undertaken we are going to use Amazon Cloud Offering and during the feasibility research we listed all the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offered by Amazon Web Services for Scalable Cloud Computing and here we are sharing the same with our readers as (more…)

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