What does Digital India entail, Who Benefits ?

India Goes Digital Economy Digital India is an umbrella initiative comprising of several programs which the government believes should help transform India into a connected economy. Many of these programs have been in existence for several years now but have not been able to make much headway. This is evident from that fact that of the Rs1.13tn (US$18bn) capital outlay for Digital India. That said, what’s different now is that the isolated programs have now been brought on a common platform. This should help create both synergies and a greater sense of purpose. Moreover, under the Digital India flag, the Narendra Modi led BJP Government has articulated a clear vision for the digital future of the country. In our view, having the right vision, effective marketing strategy and (more…)

What is Reliance Communications 3G / EVDO Mobile Data Strategy ?

Reliance communications 3G Mobile Data StrategyReliance Communications has divided all the telecom circles in 3 categories – 3G metro, 3G circles and 3G dark circles (where RCom does not have 3G spectrum). RCom plans to use a combination of 3G and CDMA to penetrate the data users in 3G metros and circles according to the requirement of subscribers (for example dongle users will stay on CDMA, while smart-phone users will rather use 3G H+ Network).

The company intends to use CDMA in 3G dark circles, where RCom has not (more…)

Why Airtel / Vodafone / Idea Won’t Overbid in 2015 Mega Spectrum Auction ?

2015 900Mhz Spectrum Auction 8 operators have submitted applications to participate in the bidding for the 2015 Mega Telecom Spectrum Auction. Reliance Jio is the surprise entrant with highest earnest money deposit (EMD) thus creating the fears of aggressive bidding. Idea cellular will be the most vulnerable if Reliance focuses on winning the 900MHz band Idea doesn’t have enough fire power to bid up if the process turns aggressive as the capability is limited by the EMD paid and may have to take an alternative path to the 2100 Mhz spectrum.

Why will Airtel / Vodafone and Idea Cellular Avoid Overbidding ?

I will renew my 900 MHz renewal spectrum at any cost (more…)

Free Municipal / City Wi-Fi Network Hype in India

Free City Municpial Wi-FiIn coming months, we will likely see efforts being made to provide free WiFi hotspots by State/Central governments and R-Jio across key cities in India. For instance, 1) The newly elected Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi is looking to offer free WiFi in public places across Delhi, as per its Manifesto; 2) Telecom Minister recently inaugurated BSNL’s free WiFi in Varanasi.
What is Offered in the Free Wi-Fi Package in varanasi ?

  • Free Wi-Fi limited to 30 minutes per day ; multiple sessions allowed
  • Recharge options of (more…)

FabFurnish – Bringing Home Decor on Desktop & Ship to Doorstep

FabFurnish - Online Home Decor ShoppingFabFurnish is the first Large Scale online Furniture & Home Decor retailer in India. The overall furniture market in India is over US$20bn and growing 15-20% p.a. as per FabFurnish. More than 95% of the market is unorganized, and within organized market, large retailers are limited and have presence mostly in top 10 cities. Given high rental costs, prices in offline stores (for large retailers) are also very high, creating opportunity for the online model to disrupt existing traditional distribution channels.

Online & Offline Business Model
FabFurnish follwos a hybrid Online & Offline Model known as Omni Channel Retailing.. It has 4 offline showrooms (mostly in tier 1 cities) through franchisees. This is primarily meant to draw attention and get more visitors and convert them into (more…)

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