Is Wi-Fi Friend or Foe of Airtel / Vodafone / Idea ?

Wi-Fi Friend of TelcoWiFi can do the heavy lifting on mobile data traffic. The way your Android devices are configured by default says more about this – all your App updates have to happen through Wi-Fi network, thus can be used as a service differentiation tool.

WiFi usage is gaining a lot more traction – as unlimited 3G data packages become rare for consumers and WiFi is often considered ‘free’. Operators benefit from offloading traffic from macro networks. But not every telco can do this – fixed line connectivity is still critical, hence integrated telcos are relatively better positioned.

WiFi deployment has been widely considered as a cost avoidance / saving strategy, with little evidence of stand-alone revenue contribution so far. Gartner estimates that WiFi (more…)

Idea – 2G Tariff Stable, 3G Expansion, 4G-LTE Not in Medium Term

Idea Cellular 4G LTE StrategyIdea’s CEO suggests that voice tariffs are still rising and likely to stay firm over the next 3-6 months. In contrast with initial concerns, Idea appears comfortable with market share trends indicated by TRAI’s latest revenue data for the industry. Traffic growth is slower than before and competition from smaller operators has intensified in certain circles but these are unlikely to disrupt Idea’s marketing strategies.

Idea does not foresee any risk of new (more…)

Real Time Entertainment on Internet renders TV Obsolete

Real Time Entertainment Using iNternet Replaces TVSince the inception of the TV business, the rules have been very clear: If you want to sell TV services, you need something in short supply – Broadcast Spectrum, vast sums of capital to run every home with coaxial cable and the last one in the evolution was DTH/DBS orbital slot and a geosynchronous satellite. Today, to sell video services, you need a web server. Real time entertainment (RTE) is the most significant source of fixed-line data traffic in every region of the world. It makes up 62% of traffic in North America, 46% in Asia and 36% in Europe

We’re in the midst of two revolutions: the rise of broadband and the proliferation of apps. These two revolutions will meet. And, that meeting will likely occur in your living room. In effect, (more…)

What are Essential 4G-LTE Patents and FRAND Practices ?

Essential LTE PatentsFrom a technical standpoint, an essential LTE patent is a patent that relates directly to technology that is strictly required to meet the technical specifications of the LTE standards. This can differ from commercial standpoint of what an essential LTE patent is, as many a times technologies and procedures that are not strictly defined in the LTE standards and specifications are unavoidable in the development and manufacture of an LTE-related product. For example, components of 2G/3G communications technology may not be defined in 4G LTE standards but from a practical standpoint would be required in next-generation devices since much of the new (more…)

Affordable & Enough 2G /3G /4G Spectrum Auction in 2014 for Voice & Data

2G 3G 4G Spectrum Auction IndiaThe Department of Telecom (DoT) has released Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) for spectrum auctions in the 900MHz & 1800MHz bands to be conducted in January 2014. Analysis of the NIA reveals that the quantum of spectrum to be auctioned in the 1800MHz band is much higher than market expectations. Additionally, in most circles, large tracts of liberalized contiguous spectrum are available in the 1800MHz band, implying that operators will have greater choice for building their data arsenal in addition to 2G Voice Services.

1,800 MHz spectrum will be auctioned in all 22 circles. The quantum of spectrum varies from as low as 2.4 MHz (paired) in UP (West) to as high as 30.2 MHz in the Tamil Nadu (including Chennai) circle. 1,800 spectrum being put up for auction includes the current 1,800 spectrum holdings of (more…)

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